Top 6 Reasons Why Building Scale Models Is Good For You

People have different reasons why they do scale modeling. From model cars to replica planes, trains, bikes, ships and much other stuff, scale modeling can offer a variety of things to build across different niches. There’s surely one niche that will capture your interest and before you know it, you’re already building your first scale model! What are the reasons why scale modelers do what they do? Why do people spend time, money and other resources building scale models of a variety of things?

Below are six of the top reasons why it’s a great hobby to spend your time on. It doesn’t matter what your gender is or how old you are now, scale modeling is for you and you should start doing it because of the following reasons:

1. It Develops a Variety of Skills

The skills that can be learned in scale modeling isn’t dependent on the type or size of the model itself. With all the needed work that requires different tools and techniques to accomplish, the number of skills that can be learned and even mastered isn’t lacking. It includes learning much about the model’s history and other facts on its construction. Physical skills and disciplines that can be developed include the ones listed below:

  • Cutting
  • Sculpting
  • Drilling
  • Planning
  • Researching
  • Painting
  • Sanding
  • Gluing
  • Detailing
  • Photography

Many builders start out with just a couple of these skills but over the years have developed additional ones making them more productive in every project that they work on. Becoming skilled in different areas is great and the more projects you build, the more you become knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of aspects needed in completing every masterpiece.

2. It Relieves Stress

Stress is a daily challenge that most of us need to tackle. Hobbies, interests and other recreational activities such as having a relaxing time drinking or eating a sumptuous meal with friends, fishing and even just a simple stroll in the morning relieves stress and rekindles enthusiasm.

Scale modeling is a hobby that’s good for those who are quiet and even the ones who identify themselves as introverts. Spending at least a couple hours painting or putting together a scale model can offer an opportunity of staying away from stress. Do it and you’ll surely notice that you’ll have a calm mind and a more relaxed disposition compared to your when you started.

3. It’s a Rewarding Hobby

The ability to break down a large project into small pieces makes scale modeling a much more rewarding hobby. Every piece that’s built becomes a reason to celebrate and gives you the will to work on the rest so you can finally complete the whole project. Being able to build parts one after the other allows you to see the progress in a short period of time eliminating the possibility of you getting overwhelmed or even bored because of the enormity of the project.

As the project nears completion, you’ll see yourself improve in many areas and you will even thirst for more giving you the drive to work on a new one. There’s also a strong sense of personal achievement and a rewarding experience every time!

4. It Enhances Your Artistic Talents and Skills

Artistic talents and skills vary. Some people are good at painting, others excel in music or in writing while others love sketching. You may not have these talents but when you try scale modeling, you’ll have the opportunity to discover your artistic talents and skills. It is true that most scale models provide a numbered scheme for painting certain parts or piecing a certain part together but there’s a big room for you to add a personal flair to it!

Instructions only exist as a guide but if you want to explore and get out of the box, scale modeling gives you an opportunity to do that! Adding a personal touch to a particular project enhances your artistic talents and skills in ways that no other hobby can.

5. It Allows You to Make Your Personal Trophy Collection

There are many trophies out there that can give you a sense of pride. Something that you can show your friends when they visit your home. It could be a gold medal, an MVP trophy or a gold cup from winning football in a local championship game. They come in different shapes, sizes and forms.

If you have completed a scale model to the tiniest details, you’ll have something that can become your own personal trophy which gives the same level of pride, personal achievement and even boosts self-esteem as the ones already mentioned above. And the good thing about it is that you can build as many trophies as you want as long as you have the time, money and you choose the right type of scale mode to work on every single time!

6. Provides an Opportunity for Spending Quality Time with Loved Ones

In the modern day and age which we live in, technology can easily snatch most of our valuable time. Scale modeling allows you to take back the control of your time especially when you spend it with your children. It allows you to take control of the time your kids spend each day as well and develops several skills in them including values such as patience, persistence, and logic. Scale modeling can also develop their self-esteem, concentration and enhance their problem-solving skills. Letting your kids help in building a model instills the value of teamwork and makes your relationship with them a lot stronger.

Do you have other reasons for building scale models or think of benefits that everyone can enjoy doing such which were not mentioned above? Please let us know in the comments section below!