Important Tools You Need in RC Model Making

Just like real cars, their small RC (radio-controlled) counterparts have several small parts that are put together by different tools so it can work and deliver the high performance whenever needed. Any part that’s loose or poorly connected can result in a big problem or even damage the model itself. That’s the reason why as an RC scale modeler, you need to have the right kind of tools to ensure that your project is well-built.

There can be a number of tools out there claiming to do the job but making sure that you’re getting high-quality ones is essential. Below is a list of 4 basic and most essential tools that you need to have before delving into RC scale modeling.

A Good Set of Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are an important tool in RC scale modeling. Many RC scale models come with several screws and sometimes they require more than one kind of screw to assemble. You need at least one Phillips (cross-headed) screw and one that’s slotted (flat-headed). However, a good set of both types is highly recommended including the ones that have short and long shafts. Those that have a magnetic head also helps a lot in avoiding lost screws.

A Set of Allen Keys

Another important set of tools that you need in RC scale modeling are those hex or Allen keys. It is common to find screws that have hexagonal fittings instead of the common cross or slotted ones. Choose the highest-quality that’s available whether you’re getting a screwdriver bit set or the cheaper L-shaped hex keys. This ensures that the screw heads and fittings are not worn during the assembly or disassembly process.

High-Quality Pliers

When fitting small parts into tight places especially those that are hard to reach, you will need the help of a pair of high-quality pliers. Be sure to get one that has needle-nose with both the angled and the straight jaws type so you can easily get into tight spaces while assembling your RC scale model.


While working on your RC scale model, you will encounter nuts that have hexagonal heads both the self-locking and the plain types. Such fittings require spanners also known as wrenches in order to loosen or tighten them. The most common type of spanners is those that have open jaws on one end and a ring on the other which is designed to fit a nut of a specific size.

Spanners are essential in most RC scale models and thankfully, most kits include a socket wrench that looks like a screwdriver to help you reach the places where the ordinary spanners won’t fit. The cross spanner type is the best one that you need to have in assembling your RC car model since it is easy-to-use, compact and comes with a variety of hexagonal end sizes.

Enjoy the Thrill of Building RC Scale Model

Just like other scale model types, building your own RC scale model comes with a unique thrill especially as you start assembling things from scratch. And it feels even more fulfilling when you finally get everything together and ready to go. Using the tools given above will help you achieve that faster without any problem in terms of performance.

Do you use other tools in your RC scale modeling hobby? Do you improvise in other instances to get something done? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.