5 Reasons Why Building a Scale Model With Your Children is a Good Idea

Finding hobbies where both parents and kids can participate in can be challenging. But if you know scale modeling or at least heard about it once before then you can actually try this long-term hobby and have your kids try it. It might sound a bit far-fetched but it’s a good activity which kids can participate in to enhance their creativity, resourcefulness and even encourage the value of patience at a young age.

With a wide range of scale models out there that are available including some kid-friendly ones like planes, motorbikes, trains, cars, ships and even replicas of popular items in pop culture, finding the niche that will captivate your kid’s imagination shouldn’t be hard.

But why would you try to do this hobby with kids? Why such a detail-specific and parts intensive hobby like scale modeling? Below are five reasons why you should do so and encourage your kids to do it as they turn into adults as well.

1. It Effectively Encourages Creativity

Every child is unique but one thing is true in almost all of them, they’re creative! But in order to channel that creativity, they need to be exposed to specific activities. Scale models are a good way to stimulate creativity. It also offers plenty of opportunities where they can show off their personality. You can see it in varied ways such as how they paint or how they put together certain pieces to form the model itself. You’ll also see them put unique features to the finished masterpiece. The build process awakens their imagination and even develops patience especially in the complex parts that need plenty of time to construct.

2. It Develops Problem-Solving and Fine Motor Skills

Whether it’s an RC car, a World War 2 warplane, a Navy ship or a luxury car that you’re building with your kids, the different techniques of assembling the parts will help children develop problem-solving skills. Every technique also enhances their hand-and-eye coordination, logic and even dexterity in most parts. Developing these areas of learning is crucial especially in much-needed skills like handwriting for instance. Which piece goes where, what kind of paint to use, how much glue is needed to join this part to that part, these are just a few of the learning opportunities that will definitely enhance your child’s problem solving and motor skills.

3. It’s a Fun Educational Activity and Experience

The rich histories and the stories behind a replica┬áscale model provides an opportunity for kids to be more knowledgeable in those aspects. Every new project that you and your child builds becomes a new addition to his/her experience. While working on the model, you can also teach your kids more about the model car, ship, plane, train or any other replica helping them understand why it is something special or what makes it so popular. You can also give bits of knowledge in trivia format to make the process a lot more enjoyable. The more they learn about it, the more passionate they’re passionate to make it as complete and authentic as possible.

4. It Gives Time for Bonding

Children are known to have a very short attention span. And with social media and gaming controlling most of the children’s time, they slowly create a world of their own that’s devoid of family ties. Scale modeling can bridge that gap between parents and kids to create a more meaningful life at home. It is a good way to take children away from those device screens and engage themselves in a more productive activity. And it’s crucial that you do this as early as possible in the life of your child to help them achieve better skills in terms of communication and concentration.

Aside from the above-mentioned advantages, having your kids engaged in scale modeling also gives you an opportunity to tell them about your experiences and even your skills. It’s also a good time for teaming up with your little ones in order to achieve a common goal which all of you can be proud of in the end. Every finished masterpiece is a testament to you and your child’s teamwork that’s full of fun and loving memories all meant to last a lifetime.

5. It Teaches the Value of Commitment and Hard Work

While statistics are revealing an alarming decrease in attention span among younger generations, you can do something to prevent your kids from being part of those who have less than 60 seconds attention span as what’s revealed in different studies at present. By building a scale model with them, you are effectively teaching them the value of commitment especially for long-term goals and show them the hard work that’s involved.

The formative years of childhood is a good time for teaching them to approach big goals like a scale model project into strategic and systematic steps. By doing so, they’re going to develop critical thinking, perseverance and even patience which are all good values to possess while growing up to become adults.


Scale modeling isn’t for everyone but if it is introduced at an early age, it can help develop several good skills and values which are all valuable for every human being especially in adulthood. Don’t ever think that your kids won’t love it because the truth is they would! Introduce the hobby to your little ones as early as now and you surely won’t regret you did especially when you start seeing the good effects that it will have on them.

Have you started scale modeling and now decide to do more projects with your kids after reading this article? What kind of model would you like to assemble? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.