We have built various kinds of modern structures. Here are some of the products you can look at. All these products are created with the highest attention to details and using high quality materials.

Cararama 1:72 Scale Cars

All the models of the car feature die-cast body construction. The models have plastic light fixings, windscreen wipers, door mounted rear view mirrors and other details. A registration plate number is also included. It is built in various colors.

Schuco 1:72 Scale Trucks

This 1:72 scale road vehicle is made by Schuco. It has extreme detailing and includes die-cast cab and plastic chassis, wheels, parts, etc. These can give you very good value for your money.

Pikestuff – Building Kits OO/HO

These are modern outline building kits. These are designed and manufactured for the ‘HO Gauge’ market. But they also look good at home on an ‘OO gauge’ Modern Image Layout as well. Comprehensive step by step instructions is included in all the building kits. The corner wall sections have 45-degree angle lining so that it is simple to line up.

Mehano Tram

This is a Light Rail Vehicle. It is typical of the modern rapid transit tram. The number of trams is increasing in the world. There are many projects underway to build this kind of mass transit systems for crowded cities.

You need to order for these products early so that we can make them for you in the best quality possible. We provide guaranteed with our products so that you won’t have any room to complain.