About MSIM

We make easy-to-form modern outline building kits, and ready-built modern vehicles that are appropriate for ‘OO’ Gauge modern image layouts. We design and manufacture miniature buildings, accessories, etc. The designs of our buildings are perfect for ‘OO’ Gauge modern image layouts and role-playing games as well. They are suitable for builders, model railroaders, collectors, and hobbyists.

Our figures have die-cast body construction, and they are designed to suit 4mm OO gauge. We have many years of experience in making these miniatures. We are committed to bringing detail and imagination to our products. These miniatures can celebrate the beauty of concrete, and it’s contributions to modern design.

You can select products from our catalog. We guarantee that the products will be of the highest quality and will include the finest details. We emphasize on providing excellent customer service.  You can visit our site to look at some of our creations.