A Quick Guide to Choosing Your First Scale Model

Thinking of what scale model to build? Choosing the right one is important especially when you’re just starting off with this hobby. The commitment won’t be as serious as choosing your first home or car but it will still affect your life to an extent that is hard to ignore.

There are people who make their first scale model the last one and most of the time it’s because they chose the wrong one and ended up losing patience and dedication or even time building it. But for those who made the right choice, the first model is just a kick-starter of a hobby that would last for years and some even a lifetime.

There are many kinds of scale models out there for you to get started with but how do you choose the right one? We’ve listed some tips below to help you make the right decision.

Choose the Right Type and Subject

It is important to choose a model or subject that you feel excited and interested about. This will ensure that you have the enthusiasm to continue working on the project no matter how long it takes to complete. Being passionate about the model or even the subject or niche to which it belongs also helps you have the willingness to build even the hardest and the most tricky components.

Are you a Star Wars fan or it’s luxury cars that you’re interested in? Are you amazed at those mega ships? Base your choice on your preferences instead of just going with what’s hot or what’s trending. Choose the one that’s able to inspire and capture your interest, something that makes you feel excited about reaching the end and finally seeing the finished craft.

Proper Size and Scale

Do you want to stick to a single scale or you want to build different scale models of varied sizes? Understanding the difference between building a large or a small scale model is crucial. It would also help if you have enough knowledge of how scales work. Research, read and learn as much knowledge as you can regarding this aspect of scale modeling before purchasing your first model kit.

Level of Difficulty

It is best if you choose models that are easy to moderate when it comes to the difficulty level of assembling. Avoid the mistake of getting one which has hundreds of tiny parts that are too complex to assemble and build especially for newbies. Choose something that has fewer parts with relatively few steps that you need to go through creating the finished product. Also, you’ll need to find out which tools you’re going to use as well as how much glue will be needed to stick the parts together. Having a smooth start will help you have the right mood ready for the next projects to be worked on.

Scale Model Quality

The quality of the scale models available in the market has evolved over the years. Recent ones undergo a series of tests and quality checks to ensure that every part fits together as what’s outlined in the instructions sheet. It’s a fact that older model kits and second-hand ones are cheaper but getting such puts you in the risk of a scale model project that’s full of problems because of parts that don’t fit perfectly.

The Paint Job

It can be tempting to choose a scale model that has a lot of paint job involved in the process but for your first model, we would recommend that you choose one that has a single paint color scheme. It would also help if you master the basics of painting first before actually constructing the model. Airbrushing is a good technique and masking also helps in achieving smooth finishes and flawless paint jobs. But don’t attempt too much of the more complicated painting methods especially if it’s the first model that you’re building to avoid all your hard work going to waste.

Research Work

Finally, after considering the factors listed above, it is time to take a look at the available model kits out there. Read magazines, websites and even blogs that talk about scale modeling. Watch videos, find ideas from online forums and even build friendships with your fellow scale modelers. Doing this will help you gain even more knowledge about the craft and the scale model that you’re planning to build. Find inspiration and seek advice from people who have been creating models for years and only then will you be ready to take the first step in building your own.